April 25, 2010

Pakistan Zindabad...From London?!?

MQM president Altaf Hussian has announced his plans to solve pakistan's poverty while, get this; sitting his ass down in his comfortable loft in London as a BRITISH CITIZEN! Wow, really now that's something. He is not in Pakistan during Pakistan's hard times and he thinks he has the right to say something like this. And before you try to back him up saying something like: he is in exile and he's really not to blame, well guess what: your dead wrong. Altaf Hussain is in voluntary exile meaning he chooses to stay away from Pakistan. Why would anyone do that? Well in 1992, a warrant was issued for his arrest in connection of murder so he fled first to Saudi Arabia and then later to London. He had 72 cases against him, with 31 on murder and 11 on murder attempts before he was granted amnesty by the infamous and corrupt NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) just a year back. So yea, this is the guy who says that he wants to solve Pakistan's problems and the sad thing is that people are actually going to support him. Now why would anyone do that? Well it's quite simple; because we (the public) like to hear and think about change and hope for it to happen, even if we know it's nearly impossible that it will. But what makes this an even funnier move is that his statements weren't even about the whole nation as he was strictly talking about Punjab. He is just looking to extend MQM's political power to Punjab and not at all to improve the public's situation. His calls for dividing wealth and power among the poor (which is by the way communism) is as pointless as the 18th amendment and the renaming of the NWFP (I ♥ this example; so relevant :D). He goes on criticizing the Punjabi politicians saying "Why do people of Punjab keep voting for plunderers and looters who have been tried before?" It's quite ironic because that's exactly who he is! lol. Another point to note is that MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement), the party he created, is made to represent the people who emigrated from india in 1947. So what happened to the rest of us Pakistanis? Do we not exist in his party's eyes? Out of all the corrupt politicians i have seen he is clearly the most idiotic one. I mean, at least the others hide their evil ways; he just boasts his. MQM, which hasn't been able to control Karachi where target killings are unfortunately very popular (probably done by his and his rival's parties) has now set their eyes on punjab. That's very alarming and in fact very sad if it actually happens.

[Image: © amnesty.org.uk]


ReeBz said...

I'm strongly AGAINST MQM existence in Punjab. I'm from Karachi and i know how much we have suffered from MQM.I hate him. He is a dramae-baaz, corrupt and a curse on us. He has no good fame even in karachi,just a fist full of people are following him and support him.Still I'm surprised that how come his party manages to get the maximum seats here.Of course its nothing but ill-legal means of getting the victory.

We need to think that when he is in self-exile and haven't been to Pakistan since ages then how on earth he can understand the problems of his country men?He speaks in a voice as if some huge cursed buffalo is being slaughtered!!

In those conventions he brought thousands of people from Karachi to show his strength in punjab,illegal means again. Moreover, those who were present in conventions for clapping were trained and paid!

he is a CURSE!

Emaan said...

I could not agree with you more. I hate that man like anything! I hate his guts to be giving public speeches directly from London to the people of Karachi. I hate his guts to think that people are ignorant of his crime record. Feudal and tribal system is a curse to Pakistan. These so-called lords commit such heinous crimes that it is not even funny. And on top of that, they get away with it, because these are the people who form the government. It's such a shame. Pakistani government and it's system is a curse on us.

God help us. Or please let the public wake up and let us become strong enough (and get out of our lazy-mode) and help ourselves!

Sometimes i think perhaps a revolution would finally settle things down. get rid of all the filthy bureaucracy.

Captain said...

seems like everyone does lol

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