December 25, 2009

'Tis The Day To Move Forward

Today is December 25, Just Christmas to the Rest of the world but for us Pakistanis it is much more. Today is the day Muhammad Ali Jinnah; the founder of our nation took foot in this earth. His sacrifices are well known and so is his hard work but one thing that people keep mentioning especially on this day is how Jinnah wanted Pakistan to be and how it would be different if he was alive. All I have to say is WAKE UP my people. As much as i hate to say this as i admire Jinnah greatly: Jinnah was nothing but an ordinary man with a dream. He's dream was to create Pakistan; a land that would protect and unite us Muslims from Indian cruelty in the future. As far as I see it his dream came true ,but sadly like everyone says he died too soon and left his dream incomplete. So shouldn't we take up the responsibility and make Pakistan better? Isn't that what he wanted? Isn't that what we all want? Jinnah is no more, so what! Like I said before, Jinnah was just an ordinary man with a dream, his niyyat (intentions) was pure and therefore God assisted him. Inshallah with God's help we can do the same, but we need to move on first and not just remember a man and his accomplishments but create our very own accomplishments and make our Pakistan; Land of the Pure, as pure as we can make It. Hope my message gets to all my brothers and sisters. Happy Birthday to Baba Jinnah and Merry Christmas to all the Christians in and out of Pakistan.

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