March 28, 2009

Jamrud Masjid Bombing

Just as the Imam (prayer leader) concluded his Friday sermon and the faithful stood up for the Friday prayer a suicide bomber blew himself up in the masjid and killed 76 people along himself. These extremists who call themselves "muslims" go around killing innocent people [who are mostly or entirely muslims] and dare to say it was in the name of Islam!?! WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THIS?!? How do you call yourself a muslim while you go inside a masjid [God's house] and kill innocent muslims who follow their religion and are about to perform a Jumah prayer to show their obedience to God? WHAT KIND OF HYPOCRISY IS THIS?!? I am wondering, how retarded or brainwashed do you have to be to perform these kind of actions? I can believe some people even have sympathy or support these kind of groups. First of all, committing suicide is haram, killing innocent people including women and children is haram, blowing up God's house during a Jumah prayer is extremly haram, so what are these idiots expecting when they die? Heaven? Even after doing all of this? Don't these people have any kind of common sense or a brain to think with? I advise every Pakistani and every muslim to stay away from such cowards and enemies of Islam and may God save us from this hell and provide these lunatics with guidance and path to true Islam. [P.S. This is not the only suicide attack that took place in a masjid; there were also some during Eid prayers]


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