June 21, 2009

Jinnah's Eyes

I went to the Pakistani embassy in new york a few days ago and the trip was memorable. As I was walking towards it [without knowing where it was], I noticed a big Pakistani flag hanging from a building that could cover almost the whole sidewalk. I got a huge smile on my face as I didn't really expect this and seeing such site in the heart of New York City really impressed me. As i walked in i noticed that it looked nothing like a New York building inside. It in fact felt like I was in some building back home. There were several paintings and pictures on the wall but 3 out stood them all. First was the painting of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. I could not keep my eyes off his painting. There was something too it that dragged me to it. As I looked closely I noticed that Jinnah's eyes were squinting as he was trying to look for something. As all portraits in the world, Jinnah's portrait was looking at it's viewer. As i continued to look at his eyes for one reason; his eyes sent a strong vibe throughout my body. It was pride mixed with fear, with some point of disappointment at me, and greatly; Inspiration. The 2 other pictures that caught my eye were far right from Jinnah and were of our current Prime Minister Yousaf Gilani and current President Asif Zardari. As i looked at them i just couldn't ignore my disgust toward them. I mean here you have a man who found a nation out of scratch that would secure the rights of millions of people and then you have pictures of people who don't even understand the nation's importance. I looked back at Jinnah and remembered his history as great barrister and a amazing politician who sacrificed the relationship with his daughter to help his new born nation. Then i looked back at the the two leaders of Pakistan today, one who served over 5 years in prison [charged for corruption] [Gilani], and the other who has a long history of corruption, never went to college [made up a fake one], and possibly killed his own wife for power [Zardari]. My trip was awed by the beauty of the place as well as Jinnah's portrait but disappointed by 2 infidels who don't belong in power.


Anonymous said...

Wow! But like do you have more photos of the Pakistan Embassy there? It would be great to have a few. Zardari's a crook, he hasn't earned the respect as yet to have his photos displayed on Government buildings. Cheapster. Ok I should stop now lol
Great post, keep 'em coming Ali :)

Captain03 said...

thanks mani
i felt like taking pictures of the embassy but i didnt wanna run into any trouble lol
this is the only good picture of the embassy i found on the net
what's funny is that on one side is the pakistani embassy and on the other is the indian one; and the best part is that between them it says: love thy neighbor [as seen in the pic above]

Anonymous said...

Yea taking photos around sensitive buildings is just inviting trouble. I haven't been to the one we have here in London. I should sometime though. Might try taking a few photos too ;)

Captain03 said...

lmao ask them first

ĉªçtÛs said...

wow. u wrote it in very nice manner. i really enjoyed reading it.

and yes i agree with all points u raised.
zardari the ten percent and gillani.
well he is nothing but a party worker.

long live pakistan. leeches like them cannot make any difference. with all their corruption n things like that.
allah ho akber

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