April 14, 2009

Why You Should Be Glad Your PAKISTANI

Ever wonder why was Pakistan and India split? Ever wonder why Muslims and other minorities gave up everything they had to be a part of a new Pakistan rather than a hindu-dominated India? This video shows a little hint of what minorities of India go through and after watching this video you'll be thanking God and will start to think Pakistan's creater Muhammad Ali Jinnah as godsend. The people behind the genocide were high profile Indian politicians [including the Gujarati CM] who are still active today]. The people across the border might be the same but their motives and ideals are completely different.


Baadshah Khan said...

Such incidents though rare are a shame on the part of India. But boss, I belong to the biggest Muslim minority in India. I have never been discriminated. I feel that an Indian Hindu is my brother rather than a Pakistani. But my views dont suit your ideology. Please bro, enhance your viewing angle towards India

Captain03 said...

if you havent felt discriminated against that doesn't mean the rest of the muslim population hasent. There have been celebrities such as shabana azmi and now recently emraan hashmi who were discriminated against because of their name and religion. And my views are not build up on the hatred of india but from what i have learned of it. I suggest u look around your country and try to visit kashmir and them you'll realize how much india cares about it's muslims.

Captain03 said...

also christians in the north-east

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