January 23, 2010

The Indian Conspiracy

The recent IPL snub of Pakistani cricketers is another attempt of the Indian government to isolate Pakistan from the international eye. It may sound like another conspiracy but it has many events backing it up. The attempts started last year with the Lahore attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team. Indian involvement was suspected and even made public by Lahore's Chief Capital City Police Officer Pervaiz Rathor. Although evidence was found against india, the Pakistani government decided not to point fingers and played down the Indian involvement in the terrorist attack. Later that year, Pressured by India, ICC stripped Pakistan of it's world cup hosting rights because it was considered an "unsafe" venue. Which was quite a surprising move as the rest of the hosting countries were all going through and are going through a conflict. Sri lanka was going through a civil war at the time, Bangladesh had a mutiny between it's forces [and is in chaos most of the time], India later that year had a terrorist attack killing 173 of their citizens and wounding hundreds more, and yet Pakistan was the one considered "unsafe". To his defence, Lalit Modi [the chairman and commissioner of IPL] claims that a quite number of international phenomenons were not selected in the auction as well. Well does the idiot Modi understand how big Pakistan is when it comes to Twenty20?!? We were runners up on the first T20 world cup and are the current world champions! The Lahore Badshahs [the one and only Pakistani ICL cricket team] won the ICL championship and some of it's most successful players were up for auction. Also, Pakistani players are acknowledged worldwide for their excellence in several countries' domestic leagues, most recently Shahid Afridi in the KFC bash in Australia, where he made his team which had lost all hopes reach the final. To further support my belief I have to point out the fact that the IPL in the beginning pleaded for the Pakistani players to join their league and made them go through many obstacles just to get them to be a part of the auction. And for what? For them to be discriminated against by the Indian franchises?!? Or to make the IPL more popular by using the stardom and popularity of the Pakistani cricketers?!? Pakistani players are huge in India [and were even used to advertise the IPL] but the Indian authority doesn't seem to understand that. In my understanding, India's ignorance and stupid behavior against Pakistan will be the cause of their fall in the international limelight.

The picture below displays the character of Lalit Modi, the commissioner and chairman of IPL [The girl is Preity Zinta]


Anonymous said...


look at your so called nice guy (Musharaf) character in this video..

you badly need help mate...get well soon.

Captain said...

dude, that's someone dancing in slow motion -_-
i can't believe your gullable enough to fall for special effects lol
seriously, like what are you? 8? LMAO

Anonymous said...

Whaaat? Pakistan had proof of indian involvement in the attack on Sri lankan players and did not press charges - how magnanimous of pakistan. Seriously do you believe this? If I were you I would start lobbying the pakistan government to demonstrate the proof and hang india for it.

Captain said...

you can't "hang" a country. Pakistan has proof of involvement of india in the war of terror too but it does not release it in public because it would create much unrest in the already fragile region. To make itself look diplomatically responsible in the international eye Pakistan might have not taken action (it worked because we have a lot of countries that are supporting us now).

mudassar said...


Captain said...

hi =) lol

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