May 29, 2009

The Enemy Attacks

While the army is successfully whopping the taliban's behind in northern Pakistan, the taliban fearing it's end is trying it's last efforts to scare the nation. Over the last few days the taliban is responsible for 5 deadly attacks throughout the country [the lahore being the most deadliest]. While the casualties of the blasts are far less than what the taliban is facing, a death is a death. But our nation should understand that we are not going against our muslim brothers but animals who have no value for human life whatsoever so we should not feel scared or terrorized but yet more motivated in our cause and struggle. I ask all of my Pakistani brothers and sisters to unite and fight this disease before it becomes capable of threatening our survival and Inshallah victory will be ours!



Saahir said...

I dont believe what the government says, its all Tom & Jerry story non of them are Pure Mullah that we can trust on them.Its easy to blame Taliban for their own sins , dont think i am in favour of Taliban, I hate both, Taliban as well as our politicians. Both are mean.

minas said...

Sadly it seems you are blinded like most who sit down for the 9 o clock news and make commentaries. im afraid that ill have to act as opposition. The army cant "whop" taliban as such. the Talibgan are an organization that cant be defeated. perhaps you have heard of the afghan campaign. when great generals like alexander the great could not even put down afghanistan, the pak military has even a less of the chance. we can never destroy it and it will only come back to haunt us a few years down the road. who are you to commernt that any one is an animal afterall, im sure each one of us has an animal inside. they do this out of preserve their strongholds. do you know that half the the people that the army kills are innocent children and women. im sure that is punishable by geneva conventions and also deserves to be labeled as animalistic. id ont support the taliban and neither do i support the action without much firm dialogue on the dirrect oreders of the US.

Captain03 said...

"minas" if you call researching the talbani history and the Pakistani military history for more than 2 years, and analyzing every pakistani news coming from domestic and foriegn channels watching "9 O'Clock" news than i do watch the 9 O'clock news. And the times of alexander the great are well past gone; for the last 20 years the afghani people had barely any control over their own nation. Also, look around and when you see innocent people dieing in bomb blasts and suicide attacks you'll realize that it's that evil that we are fighting. The taliban are no match for the Pakistani army and the recent success proves that. I dont know why you think the taliban is a organization that cannot be defeated; they have accomplished nothing and can be destroyed easily. I'm srry to say my friend but you are in denial.

Mudassar said...

the victory will be ours, the peace lover. Then the world realize it that we are not terrorists or terrorism is not a religion. We are peace seeker & peace lover, Islam is religion of peace & love.
The powers involving to destabelized the Pakistan should know this that we can give our lives for our dignity, respect & our religion.

Captain03 said...

i agree 100% with you mudassar!

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