April 13, 2010

Obama Takes A Step Forward

American president Barack Obama has called for a much neutral stance of language for the ongoing war (War On Terror) within his government and his country's media. He aims to separate Islam from terrorism so the people fighting this war on both ends will not confuse the two. This will also help neutral forces who are viewing the war (Muslims and westerners). Indeed, this is a very good step forward by the Obama administration, who is still suffering by and fixing the mistakes of it's predecessor. While the Bush administration lacked proper vocab and misguided the entire world into chaos, the Obama administration wants to do the exact opposite and is now making it happen. By this action, Obama also hopes to clear the doubts of Muslims all over the world. He wants them to see America as a friend and not as a nation who is out to harm them. If looked at by the war point of view, this tactic is also great against al-qeada and other anti-american groups who relied on washington's earlier mistakes to recruit and brainwash people into their alliance. I support this move dearly. By doing this, the public (the american as well as western) will be well aware of the real situation of the war. Except for being all about words and having no major action involved, it is very similar to Pakistan's tactic back in 2007. In order for the government and army to make the people of Swat and Pakistan realize the taliban were not really all about Islam like they claimed to be, they allowed taliban's control to be placed in Swat by the public demand. They hoped in the future the people themselves will realize their mistake and turn against the taliban. That's exactly what happened and it was a very successful move which helped Pakistan advance greatly in the war. This is nonetheless a very big step forward, not only for America and the war, but for the entire world.

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