June 8, 2009

Pakistani Cricket Team Falls Hard

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Yesterday was the first time i watched a full cricket game, and it was nothing more than a mere disappointment! Pakistan is a team that everyone expects so much from in this type of format [20 overs] and yet they lost to a team like England. Not to say England is bad but they are not up to our standards [they lost to Netherlands a couple of days ago!]. There is something missing from the Pakistani team and no one knows what that is. It may be Muhammad Yousaf or Shoaib Akhtar but whatever it is; it is affecting the Pakistani team a lot. Yesterday they played a 20 over match [for each side] like they were playing a ODI [50 overs for each team]. There was no sense of urgency and in neither the batting or bowling and the team's feilding might have cost them the game [they dropped atleast 2 important catches]. I don't know what to say anymore but one thing is sure; I'm not watching the next match! lol I'd rather just follow the coverage online. Once again, all the best to our team even though our chances of even going [forget about winning it] to the finals are very slim.


Anonymous said...

It's fun watching them play at work lol I sneak near the ground just to have a look but you cant guess who's who on the field. I lost interest in the game when Wasim Akram retired long back, don't know about you. Fancy watching Cricket or you just watched this one? :)

Captain03 said...

i usually watched the highlights of matches since i can't sit through tests or ODIs [gets too annoying if they lose].
the only matches i watch is twenty20 [only 2-3 hours is perfect for me!].
My favorite player is shahid afridi so i still follow the game

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