December 28, 2009

Angered Karachi Hurts Itself

 Enraged people set several vehicles on fire in reaction to a power blast that ripped through Karachi’s main Ashura procession, killing at least 20 people. Angry mobs set ablaze a Light House building located at the MA Jinnah Road with several people still stranded in it. Several vehicles have also been set on fire including ambulances, and police mobiles. Several police stations were also attacked. I can understand what the karachites are going through, but what good will it do if they cause damage to their own selves. The Karachi public has to be much smarter with the way they handle with these attacks. I mean setting ambulances and police vehicles on fire is going to help no one and will in fact hurt the karachites even more. In a big city like Karachi people really need these resources and by destroying them you really are just causing more chaos. Look how many times Peshawar got bombed this year, and they barely rioted because they know doing something like this is only going to hurt them and benefit the attackers. Also, the Karachi authorities have prevented more terrorist plots than any other city in the nation so you have to give them a little respect and forgive them for one mishap. All i have to say is that; Karachi you have to stay more united because that's the only way we are gonna beat the bastards that started this mess.


CATGIRL said...

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Captain said...

i have a busy schedule right now but when i get time i will definitely look into ur blogs =)

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