April 3, 2009

The Taliban's Justice?

This video has spread like fire all across Pakistan and has made quite a few sparks. It shows a 17 year old women being pinned down by her own brother and being whipped by the Taliban in public. Reason? She has been accused of having an affair. And no this is not a footage from Aghanistan during the taliban's rule but it is of Swat, Pakistan [6 months ago]. Even though some may agree she should be punished but what if the women was innocent? What if someone blamed her? And if she tried to protest her innocence who would believe her in the taliban's male dominated society? Such problems are common in the taliban society and there is a very big flaw in their way of thinking. It is very sad that such events are happening in our own country as this is one of the most medieval ways of justice i have ever seen. My people all i ask you is to think: do you really want this kind of justice where women don't have a voice at all? Is that even justice? Don't just stand with your hands folded my friends, RAISE YOUR VOICE, as this is our country and we won't give in to some miscreants.
Minallah and other sources said the girl was punished on suspicion of having had an illicit relationship with a married man. She did not receive a trial. "The whole case is based on the suspicions of one neighbour," said Minallah.
Article Source: Guardian.co.uk


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