January 21, 2010

Eternal Happiness

I was going through some Pakistani blogs and came across such an interesting post [link below] that it inspired my to write this . Although i have spent years of my life studying Pakistani history, lifestyle, and politics, i have always wanted to live there. I'm based in New York [the financial capital of the world] and whenever i tell someone that i want to shift to Pakistan they'll always give me a weird look and say: "why in the world would you wanna do that? there's nothing there!" I would just usually laugh at their statement because in the past years they probably visited or contacted their relatives in Pakistan much more often then i did. What i mean is; There's something about Pakistan that pulls us to it. It may be that it's our culture and religion that makes Pakistan so friendly for us to live in. Or it may also be the fact that as Pakistanis it is our home and no matter where we live in the world we live as Pakistanis; not as Americans or Brits or any other nationality we inherit by documents.Even though Pakistan may be behind most nations in almost every facility that can be offered, a person can live a much happier life in Pakistan. And I mean that in the most un-materialistic fashion. Communities in Pakistan thrive because they are very close [relatives most of the time] and every one eventually interacts with one another. In the western world, every searches for success and money and most of the important decisions they make in life they overpower materialistic goods [like money] over something that can give them everlasting happiness such as love. I'm not saying that doesn't happen in Pakistan but it happens much less. There you go ladies and gentlemen, These are my reasons to go back home; Thought of yours yet?


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