April 17, 2009

Kasab Takes Back His Confession!!!

The so-called lone survivor of the Mumbai attacks; Ajmal Kasab, takes back his confession saying that he was made to confess by force by the Mumbai police. Wow, this is really back-firing on India, first the women claiming to be Kasab's mother and now this. Anyway the article is below take a look at it and when there is an update on this situation then i'll post it up.

MUMBAI: Ajmal Kasab on trial in India for last year's Mumbai attacks wants to retract his confession, claiming it was extracted by torture, his defence lawyer told reporters Friday.

"On his instruction, a retraction application has been filed, retracting the so-called alleged confession," said Abbas Kazmi, who is defending Mohammed Ajmal Kasab.

"He's going to plead not guilty," he added.

The lawyer told reporters that Kasab claimed the confession, made to a local magistrate while he was in police custody, was "extracted out of coercion and force and it was not a voluntary confession."

He quoted Kasab as claiming he had been "physically tortured."
Source: Geo News


MZ said...

This shows that India blindly blaming Pakistan without proper investigation.But our media isn't giving proper projection to this news. Pakistani media should present Pakistan's case more aggrassively.

Captain03 said...

MZ i agree with u 100%

Baadshah khan said...

Pakistani terrorists are being given good training in Pakistan, that if caught, continue changing statements. This is what kasab is doing .

Captain03 said...

Kasab is a indian born terrorist. The story that india made up that they came from karachi does not even make sense as it is scientifically and logically wrong. If poor fisherman can get caught on the India-Pakistan waters then how did kasab and his gang go through?
if you want the scientific flaw i'll tell that to you too

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