March 23, 2010

Religious Fanatic

On Tuesday, in a small town in sindh, a man beheaded three of his daughters and then cut his own veins and bled to death. This barbaric act does not have a taliban connection nor an economic connection. The man slaughtered his three innocent daughters in the name of religion. Their heads were found underneath the feet of a hindu goddess along with all the items needed for "puja path". Although we know that not all hindus practice human sacrifice but it is important to highlight that extremism groups exist within all religions. The christians have the ku klux klan (they massacred and killed uncountable people that were not white using christianity as an excuse), us muslims have the taliban/al qeada, and the hindus have the Kali worshipers. Now the reports didn't show which goddess specifically this man offered his daughters to, but with a little research i have discovered that most of human sacrifices in the hindu religion belong to the followers of the Kali goddess. For example; In another event in 2002, a man, his wife, his daughter and three other people stripped a 15 year girl down and chopped pieces of her body off (hands, feet, and breasts) until she bled to death. They placed her body parts in front of a picture of Kali's feet. And no matter how disgusting it sounds, the animals behind this crime brag about their vicious acts rather than see it as wrong. According to Time magazine, although human sacrificing practices are banned throughout the world they are still practiced. In india, each month there is at least one human sacrificed for Kali that the authorities find out about. While those sacrifices take place in and around big cities like mumbai and calutta, it would be scary to find out how many sacrifices take place in the the villages and the rural area that the authorities barely have any access to. It is interesting to note that while the whole world sees muslims as religious fanatics they easily forget the real ones that walk around amongst them; Islam condemns such acts while it's counterparts make it a part of their religion. Well, as of now i just feel bad for the wife of the murderer who returned home and saw her whole life ruined in front of her eyes.


vinod said...

Like the whole world talks about Jihadis killing innocent people in the name of Islam, it also talks about such sacrifices conducted by Hindus.
If you were ignorant about the fact that does not mean the whole world is bad. Here the problem is lack of education in both cases.Education makes a person wise & allows rational thinking which prevents blind faith & encourages a person to reason out.

Captain said...

actually it's the the kind of education but of following of faith; these kind of practices have been present in the polytheistic society for as long as the society existed. and like i said it is only common within the followers of kali and if you read my post right u will realize i am talking about the extremists within the hindus, not the hindus as a whole so before you call someone ignorant be sure that you are reading correctly :D

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