January 28, 2010

The Young Blood

While the Pakistani cricket team lost all tests and ODIs played against Australia so far, there is another Pakistan team out there that is doing the exact opposite: winning. I'm talking about no other than the Under-19 Pakistani cricket team. Pakistan's U-19 team is so far undefeated in the tournament. Lead by captain Azeem Ghumman, They, through hard work and determination, have now made it to the U-19 world cup final. And the team they are facing in the final is no other than Australia. Bravo for the young Pakistani team! If the they win this cup, it won't be a surprise if some great young players from the team like Babar Azam, Azeem Ghumman, Usman Qadir, and Raza Hasan are picked by the PCB to play for Pakistan at a bigger stage. This success in a way secures the the future of Pakistani cricket but puts the "experienced" players who are currently playing on team into the hotseat. Afridi was recently caught saying to the press that players should start playing for the team and not themselves and that experienced players [Afridi, Younus, Yousuf, and K.Akmal] should be replaced if they are not playing well. This confirms my prediction but will the Pakistani selectors be able to remove their favorite players who are still in the team even though they lack performance? This, like Pakistani cricket, remains unpredictable and something to look forward to. Anyway, All the best to our young blood who will face Australia in The U-19 world cup final on January 30th.

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