December 27, 2009

Benazir Bhutto Enjoys A Rockstar's Death

I don't know how much I hate Benazir Bhutto, I really don't. When she was alive she was just any other corrupt leader to me but when she died she became like poison. It's nothing she did [well sort of], but how my nation's people made her after her death. Some can say she died a Rockstar's death; the Rockstar is valued more after his/her death than if they were alive. For some unknown reason she became to Pakistani public as Jesus [Prophet Isa] is to the Christians. People keep chanting in the press and in the streets of how great she was. I got several questions for those people;

1. What the hell did she accomplish during the 2 terms she was in office?
NOTHING! In fact she and Nawaz Sharif almost made Pakistan into a failed state.

2. Didn't she get kicked out twice for corruption?
She was also charged for corruption internationally by 3 other countries other than Pakistan!

3.Isn't she the wife of the same corrupt bastard that is leading the government right now?
It was during her term that he became known as Mr.10% and made his fortune ripping off the public and smuggling gold across the Arabian sea.
I'm tired of PPP stating she died for her country; she didn't. She died trying to get back in power.The same power her husband is abusing right now [she would've probably been as bad or even worst than him]. If she wanted to save her country she would've came back a long time ago, but she feared jail too much and her love for her country probably wasn't as strong until Musharraf allowed her to come back. What i fear the most is that her son is gonna come to power soon or later; another era of mindless leadership is awaiting us. Great job Pakistan, waste your energy on remembering a selfish and corrupt bitch because she really did so much for us![being sarcastic]


Mani said...

I'm kinda glad to read your opinion about her. For now, its all running in a circle, one corrupt leader after another. She was indeed no different. In the time like this when everyone's got so much to be concerned about important issues we're being dragged back to how she was assassinated and everything. No one's got time for this crap if you ask me, no one's really bothered.

Captain03 said...

i agree with you 100% mani, we have to many things to take care of than waste our energy on her
btw glad ur back lol

mystic-soul said...

I agree she failed as PM twice but still she was truely "CharoN suboN ki zanjeer" She kept PPP united. Now in true sense Pakistan has no real political force.

Captain03 said...

personally the only person's hands i would trust Pakistan in is coas kayani. He has a great record an the military victories we had this year proved he is capable. But his disinterest in politics just hurts my dream lol.

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