March 11, 2010

Justice; PCB Style

Finally the PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) grew some sense and took action against the growing power and indiscipline of its players. While the power of cricketers had always been a problem; it had never been taken care of. As the punishments go, Shoaib Malik and Rana Naved-ul-Hasan got one year bans. Kamran Akmal, Umar Akmal, and Shahid Afridi each got fined Rs 3 million ($35,000), Rs 2 million ($24,000), and Rs 3 million ($35,000) respectfully. The three also are put in a 6 month probation period. But the shocking part is that Younus Khan and Muhammad Yousaf were also punished. Both were given lifetime bans. They are accused of being a "bad influence" on the team. But before you draw any conclusion you must know that it isn't an official lifetime ban though. The PCB stated that they will call Younus and Yousaf back to the national team whenever PCB thinks they have improved. Until then they can still play county or domestic cricket home or abroad. The trouble officially started earlier this year when Pakistan lost all 9 matches (3 Tests, 5 ODIs, 1 T20) against Australia. While our team looked perfect on paper, it performed like crap on the field. So PCB conducted an inquiry and found out some key players that disturbed and tarnished the Pakistani national team. I think they did the right thing but i also think they are being unfair to Younus and Yousaf. Both players just tried to do what is best for the national team. Under Younus, the problem was there was too much disunity amongst the players (probably caused by Shoaib Malik), and Yousaf just wasn't captain material. However, Most likely they will challenge the ban and even become successful in doing so. Lets just hope all the mess is cleared up before next month; when the Twenty20 World Cup takes place.

[Image: © AFP]


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