March 15, 2010

Well Done Idiot!

No this isn't another post about how bad Zardari's leadership is, im sure we are all quite aware of that by now. In fact, this is about another politician: Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif. This guy is a complete moron. Some might even compare his incapability to lead to his brother (the infamous Nawaz Sharif). Today, through the press, he sent a message to the taliban: "Spare Punjab." And those, my friends, are his EXACT words. I can't even describe the anger i feel against him right now. While the whole country is fighting the taliban and even arch political rivals are working hand in hand for the nation's cause, this idiot comes out saying some stupid shit like this. Not only that, he goes on blaming the whole problem on Musharraf. Dude, Mushy is long gone, find another excuse! Personally, I believe this is one of the main reasons we need to kick out the Sharif brothers from Pakistan. All they ever do is cause unnecessary chaos. I mean look at NWFP (North-West Frontier Province). It has been rocked by suicide attacks countless times since the past year and their CM Ameer Haider Khan Hoti still stands strong against the taliban and supports the greater good of the nation. But when Punjab trades one day with NWFP, Shahbaz Sharif goes on begging the taliban for mercy?!? What kind of example is he setting for other politicians? Or more importantly the youth? We all agree he isn't qualified to be in the position in the first place, but can't he just keep his bloody mouth shut. He isn't helping anyone by opening it; in fact he's doing the exact opposite. Thanks to him, now fear has more chances of growing within the Pakistani society then a sense of pride and patriotism. My message to Shahbaz Sharif: Well Done Idiot! What could we ever do without you? -_-


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