May 5, 2009

A Thorn Of A Rose; Murree Brewery

A rose is probably the most beautiful flower in the world, but with it's immense beauty comes thorns; which restricts the rose's popularity and makes it a bit unfavorable. In this case the rose is Pakistan while the thorn is Murree Brewery. Created in 1860 Murree Brewery is the maker of Pakistan's premier beer brand, Murree Beer [alcohol; sharab]. Murree Brewery also exports to the Middle East and many European countries, where it is available in Indian and Pakistani restaurants. The brewery has two manufacturing units located in Rawalpindi [Punjab] and Hattar [NWFP]. This is quite sad news as Pakistan is a Muslim country and alcohol is forbidden in Islam. Although Murree Brewery sells non-alcoholic beer, it's main source of income in Pakistan comes from alcoholic beer. The only problem i have with this is that NOTHING GOOD HAS EVER CAME FROM ALCOHOL. I mean there is no problem with exporting it to other countries [except the middle-east where there is a muslim majority], but giving your country such a product is just disgusting. Today, all Murree Brewery products are readily available in legal liquor shops that operate openly in Karachi in places like Zamzama and Defence. It is also available in the interior of Sindh. Although the consumption of alcohol in public is still nominally banned, it is becoming increasingly available in clubs and high-class restaurants. This is nothing but a set-back for Pakistan that some people choose ruin the lives of their people by providing them something haram and dangerous just to make some money. All i have to say to them is: "Is money going to pardon you from God's justice? I think not...."


Pointless Escapism said...

Kudos to you for speaking on such an issue. Use of alcoholic drinks is becoming common in our youth now. I personally, know a few friends that consume products including Vodka and JD. What's worse is these things are selling cheap! May Allah help and guide us all. Ameen

majid said...

somebody told me that the sharaab in that brewery smells like payshaab---gross but true!! anyways, i love redwine and pina colada here in miami, tastes awesome.

Anonymous said...

I think the brewery is the rose and people like you are the thorns here. What gives you the right to put a universal ban on consumption of alcohol? We are not an Islamic state we're a fucking hypocritic state. Everything goes here, there's different law for different classes of people. Taliban are slitting throats in Swat, you can't even get your child admission to a good school without bribing or a big reference and when it comes to drinking beer in privacy of one's own home, we suddenly become a fucking islamic country. What the fuck mate?

Captain03 said...

anonymous i don't think you know but we are an Islamic state and the taliban are being killed in swat by the army as we speak [check the news] and as far as corruption goes it's the people who create it not the government. Even knowing zardaris, benazir, and nawaz sharrif's corrupt history the PEOPLE voted for them. It's sad that the best era of advancement we ever had was under military rule of musharraf.

Captain03 said...

thank you Pointless Escapism for ur comment i really appriciate it and majid; pee? really lol

Anonymous said...

Just take a guess. How much of Pakistan's problems stem from Islam and compare it with the ills of alchohol on the country.
No contest. Isn't it?
Probably if the country turned apostate, whether you take up drinking or not, the results would still be a lot better.
Check this out

Captain03 said...

i see no problems developing in pakistan because of islam. Let me remind you that the taliban is just using islam for their political needs as they did in afghanistan otherwise non of the actions they take is islamic. And alcohol is a horrible thing, it turns you into something your not and that is one of the reasons islam forbids it. Also if you look in the western world or in a part of the world where alcohol was allowed; there are so many alcohol-related deaths and violence being emerged.

Anonymous said...

Why should a source of income for the country be closed down when illegally smuggled Alcohol is availible in the country.

Its not like muree brewary is selling alcoholic drinks in the country!!! I have yet to come across a store/shop where an alcoholic drink from muree brewery is to be found.

Where there is demand there will always be supply. Pointless Escapism writes that '...I personally, know a few friends that consume products including Vodka and JD...'. These are smuggled products brought into the country by criminals becoz they know there is a demand for such crap in Pakistan just like any other country in the world.

If the authorities can effectively clamp down on smuggled alcohol then there might be case for closing down a part of muree brewary related to alcohol. Since this is Pakistan and you cant trust the authorities there is little chance of stopping illegal alcohol. In such a situation closing down a legitimate tax paying business is just dumb.

Captain03 said...

NOTE: Murree Brewery IS selling alcohol in the country. lol
Yes there are some products that are smuggled but as you can see in the post, murree brewery is expanding to whisky and vodka etc and selling it to mid-east and to the Pakistani Population

Anonymous said...

Cant understand why so much of discussion over trivial issue of Alchohol? Well, we have Muslims killing Muslims in Pakistan (Read Swat), opium which is more haram is grown in Islamic afghanistan and Pakistan (every one knows that pigs called Taliban got their finances from opium and extortion mainly)so look within first.

Maqbool Hussain-Bangalore-India

Captain03 said...

the taliban call themselves muslims but their actions are quite the opposite [as you can see in swat, and as u said they make money from drugs so that supports what i'm trying to say here.

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