May 24, 2009

Shoaib Akhtar Touches A New Low

If you're one of the cricket fans wondering why the "Rawalpindi Express" Shoaib Akhtar is not being able to participate in the Twenty20 World Cup then i've got you an answer; he has Genital Warts! For some people who don't know what that is, it is a sexually transmitted disease [STD]. From such a huge cricket star who has a fan following all over the world this is very disappointing. He is a huge icon of an Islamic country he should at least acknowledged that before he went on doing something obscene. If not he should have at least put his career before his actions, but again we are talking about Shoaib Akhtar who in the past has gotten in a verbal fight with one of his former captains [Waqar Younis], got caught tampering the ball, abused another cricket player [Paul Adams], During a series with India he cited an injury and chose not to bowl halfway through but showed up to bat later on, He was sent back from the 2005 Australia tour with a hamstring injury amid rumors of indiscipline, lack of commitment, and attitudinal complaints, He was subsequently fined by the PCB for avoiding a late night curfew, he was banned for two years for using performance enhancing drugs, and had allegedly slapped former Pakistani coach Bob Woolmer over an argument. Why in the world would anyone hire such an unprofessional player is out of my question but all i know is that Shoaib Akhtar has just touched a new low!


Anonymous said...

Where did you get this info? About him having a STD. All they say its a skin infection and nothing else.

Captain03 said...

sorry about that, the link is up =]

Anonymous said...

even he gets genital wart... aids.. syphills... gnorrhea... and all sexual diseases... he dopes ganja and heroin.... he is still shoaib akhtar da king of all.... and nothing can tarnish his image.... no bod hires akhtar u moron... akhtar is the arsenal people keep to destroy enemies.. u rock akhtar

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