March 21, 2009

The Long March

It took me a while to post this as i had to analyze closely not only the long march but also it's key players: Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and Nawaz Sharif. Chaudhry has a good past and has done some good things for the nation, but he has done some things that even he should have never done. These things include:

  • CJP forced government officials to unlawfully help his son get admission to medical college and then had him appointed as Grade 18 Police Officer.
  • CJP was entitled to use a 1700cc car, but he used a 3000cc Mercedes and kept several other vehicles in his use in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.
  • CJP required more protocol than he deserved. He required senior officials to receive him at airports and was also using helicopters and planes to go to private functions.
  • Use of a BMW Car "RAZIA 1" by his family
  • Different Oral and Written Orders in cases worth 55 million PKR
  • Asking for more perks than he was eligible for.
Him being suspended is quite reasonable if you think about it, but unfortunately most of the his supporters and the people rallied up for him aren't aware of this.

Now let's move on to Nawaz Sharif. As one of my previous posts about him show he is one of the most corrupt leaders in Pakistan and can do anything to gain power. He and his brother were banned from holding public offices because of their corrupt past and past damage to the country. They took advantage of the long march movement by joining it and making the public forget their evil image so they can use the public's support after the long march so they can once again hold office and loot the country [like they did in the 90s]. Our nation is pretty forgetful when it comes to politics and we are always giving chances for politicians to reform, but that never happens are we are always taken advantage of. Anyway, Nawaz Sharif and his supporters hyped up the long march and made it quite a huge thing in Pakistan. His party joing the long march could be credited for it's success.

So there it was: THE LONG MARCH; Our nation's people fighting for what's right but not knowing the full truth. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has been reinstated and Nawaz Sharif and his brother's case is being looked at. It might have been an under table deal between the 3; If Chaudhry is reinstated then the Sharifs come back to politics. I am happy that my nation's people fought for what is right and did not bow down against injustice, but I am sad as well because the truth they fought for was nothing but a mere lie...


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