May 9, 2009

The Army Saves Us... Again

A few days back, our country's leaders [Chief of Army Staff to be exact as the rest just talked and took no action] finally took action of the growing problem of the taliban, and after 10 days of the event the Army has been very successful in their actions and have won over Dir and are fighting to gain control of Buner and now Swat. Yes people the same Swat that the government was trying to negotiate with the taliban to maintain peace. Obviously that didn't work out as the taliban broke almost every rule of the peace agreement and had no attention of giving the people true Islam [they banished music, and stopped women from leaving for the market; how is that Islam? only they must know, because we're the illiterate ones.]. Anyway as the government was making a fool out of itself and making itself weak to the public and international eye, but someone saw the growing problem and took action and that someone is no other than the Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani. After taking action around 2 weeks ago the army launched an operation in Dir on the behalf of the local government and people and was very successful and that operation lead to another operation in Buner and now the much troubled Swat. Inshallah like the past operations this will be a success as well with the army getting rid of over 40 militants in just Swat alone. Which leads me to another thing i noticed: People always complain about military rule and always talk about democracy but in Pakistan i have NEVER seen democracy progress our nation, it's always the military rule. The only democratic era that was progressive was Musharraf's era and even that was looked at as dictatorship. Let me just say one thing; Dictators don't resign...


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