March 18, 2009

Face of Corruption; Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif is probably the worst leader pakistan has ever witnessed. He is worth more than a billion dollars and made that money by looting the country during his 2 terms as a prime minister. He is also charged with many corruption charges such as being charged, convicted and sentenced to 14 years imprisonment in 'Helicopter case'. The allegation was that he had not shown a helicopter as part of his assets. That helicopter, though had crashed a long time back. He was also convicted of hijacking and terrorism after he blocked Pervez Musharraf from landing his plane in Karachi in lieu of dismissing him from his COAS post. The Supreme Court of Pakistan, under the Provisional Constitutional Order, declared Musharraf’s dismissal unconstitutional, as the COAS as a constitutional appointee is afforded due process before dismissal. The Supreme Court of Pakistan, upholding the position of the Army, disqualified Nawaz Sharif from holding public office and participating in Pakistani politics for 21 years and fined him 20 million rupees. A plea bargain and intervention of the Saudi royal family spared Sharif from serving a prison term; instead he was exiled to the Saudi Kingdom. He's moves of removing the Chief of Army Staff once and attempting to do it again with Pervez Musharraf were illegal and showed his thirst for power. His government during his reign as PM was so corrupt that when the Army stopped him from trying to take over Pakistan the Pakistani population did not resist the army and neither intervened with their work. During the early 1990s, Sharif's administration also failed to arrest the 30 per cent fall in the value of the Pakistani Rupee from 21 to 30 to the US Dollar. Although he denies his involvement in the Kargil conflict, it is clear that such move cannot be taken without the prime minister's consent. Recently he is seen disrupting and destabilizing Pakistan's government so he gain fool our innocent population and gain their votes. But as long as there is justice in Pakistan his political future is already finished.


Anonymous said...

He's given contradictory statements regarding Kargil. In the beginning he maintained he didn't know anything of it later on he confessed to have known about such an operation.

He did consent to conducting nuclear tests at the right time though.

Captain said...

he's just a bloody asshole if you ask me

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