January 16, 2010

India Is The Taliban

Every since the beginning the these suicide attacks in Pakistan, there have been some suspicions that the Tehrik-i-Taliban is being backed by India and it's intelligence agency; RAW. First they were rumors but later they slowly became more and more realistic. During Rah-e-Rast [the Swat operation conducted by the military], the military officials claimed that they have found Indian weapons that were being used by the Tehrik-i-Taliban. And it wasn't just any one else but the big shots of the army who claimed this. Later, during Rah-e-Nijat [military operation conducted in South Waziristan] the same claims were also made by both junior and senior officers that were involved in the operation. Some of the suicide attacks that were foiled last year also indicate that an external force was involved in arming the militants. But the confusing part is that when someone tries to bring this out to the public some higher power stops him/her. Why would the government try to cover this up? While India keeps on pointing fingers at Pakistan for everything that goes wrong in their country then why can't we actually blame them for something they did and are doing. I mean it is known fact that RAW is training militants that enter Pakistan from India's misplaced embassies in Afghanistan.The latest suicide attack took place in Rawalakot and targeted security men there. I see India's hand in this all the way. Who else would attack the security forces that are there to protect the people of Azad Kashmir from the Indian forces? While the western world ignores our evidence against India, it becomes quite scary to know who we're actually fighting and if the war is really against us. But no matter what the answers are, we will win this war because we have something that no other force in the world has on their side; ALLAH.


Anonymous said...

God doesnt support war like these brother

Captain said...

that is why God is on our side

amit_the_englitned said...

do u mean we are a muslim country

Captain said...

yes; The "Islamic" State of Pakistan

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