March 31, 2009

Is Democracy Even Good For Pakistan??

Is democracy even good for Pakistan? I went through Pakistan's political history from it's creation to the present day and i found out why we had frequent army rule. The army had to take over most of the time because the leaders elected by the people were so dumb and had no knowledge about the nation and had no skills to lead the nation. A few examples of these kind of leaders are: Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz sharif, Zardari, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and Farooq Leghari. Leaders like them have brought nothing else to Pakistan except shame and failure. And if you don't believe me, go out your house right now [if your in Pak] and see if you feel safe to say what you have to say without someone trying to kill you. You can now compare Pakistan under Musharraf and Zardari. Under Musharraf our economy went up, our stock exchange market was the best and one of the best in the world, the country was much safer, corruption was declining, and people had the right to express whatever they wanted, unlike today where our economy is declining, corrupt leaders are back in power [and some back in the nation], it's barely safe and we are facing bomb blasts all over the country, and people can't express what they want without fear in their mind. Also Pak military leaders have discipline, knowledge, smarts, and strength that could come and have came very handy to our country. So is democracy really the right thing for us? Think friends...think....


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