February 1, 2010

Losing Hope

Pakistan lost 3 tests and now 5 ODIs against Australia. Very sad, but i didnt see it happening any other way. Yousuf's inability as a captain, the team's dieing chemistry, the poor performances by the "experienced" players, and the most importantly: no desire to win had Pakistan going in no other direction. Throughout the whole series, Pakistan did not try defeat Australia, but rather tried to survive them. You can notice this in the press conferences. Not once did a Pakistani player said that we are going to win this match or sort. All of them were in praise for the Australian team and just talked about how Pakistan is going to survive the tournament. Now a question comes to mind; is Australia that good of a team to crush Pakistan 10-0 in a series [so far]? The answer is no; Pakistan is a just that bad of a team. Not that there is anything wrong with out players, because on paper we have one of the best teams in the world. It's just that one way or another we fail to put that excellence on the field. The lack of direction of the management is also badly affecting the team's performance. The PCB takes the most bizarre and unprofessional actions ever witnessed. Like making Muhammad Yousuf captain, who rejoined the Pakistani team just last summer. Countless other decisions were also taken [you could read them off my previous posts]. So where exactly is the Pakistani team heading? Like always, no one knows for sure. That used to be the exciting part of Pakistani cricket but now it's the saddest part.

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