May 30, 2009

Pakistan's Other War

While Pakistan fights off the taliban in northern Pakistan, it's busy fighting another war that affects the whole world; the media war. Media controls what information the world gets and controls most of the decisions the world leaders make. It could make a country look like a huge leader or a poor nation. To fight this war Major General Athar Abbas, who has been the image of this war against the taliban has six flat-screen televisions on one wall that show all the main international English-language news channels, and several local ones. He analyzes all the major news networks and the accuracy of their reports. He safe-guards Pakistan's image and spreads the truth about certain topics. For instance; recently it was all over the news that Pakistan's nuclear arsenal was not safe. Major General Abbas stated that the U.S. is too worried on the safety of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal and should start worrying about the weapons lost in Afghanistan. A U.S. government report last month warned that the Pentagon did not have "complete records" for about one-third of the 242,000 weapons the United States had provided to the Afghan army, or for a further 135,000 weapons other countries sent. And just recently, Abbas has stated in a press conference that he has found the stolen U.S. weapons in Swat being used by no other than the taliban. Bravo for the Pakistani army as they fight the war in a completely different front and for their success in both wars! [recently the city of Mingora was completely freed from the taliban].

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