April 29, 2009

Armed Forces Free Buner!!!

As my last post stated there has been success in Dir as our Armed Forces killed and flushed out all the militants from that region. After that success the military started another operation in Buner to expel the militants, and now that operation is also successful. The Army killed around 50 militants, killed 2 high value targets [HVT], burned 2 collections of militant arms, and also rescued 18 frontier corp personnel out of 70 who had been abducted. Bravo to our Armed Forces! If this goes on then our country will finally get rid of the miscreants who have been disturbing our nation for more than 8 years. The article is below, be sure to check it out for more detail.

ISLAMABAD, April 29 (APP)‑ Director General ISPR Major General Athar Abbas on Wednesday said that 50 militants including two High Value Targets (HTV) have been killed in the on‑going operation in Buner area. “Qari Quresh and Maulvi Shahid are HVT and are included among 50 militants who have so far been killed in the operation that started on Tuesday,” he said while addressing a media briefing at ISPR Rawalpindi. Principal Information Officer Shabir Anwar and a senior officer from the Interior Ministry Mr Mazari were also present in the briefing.

He said one FC personnel embraced shahadat while three others sustained injuries in the operation. “We have been able to manage release of 18 personnel who were earlier kidnapped by the militants from the area,” he said.

However, he said 52 personnel are still in the captivity of the militants.

He said that during the operation two major dumps of arms and ammunition were also destroyed.

Gen. Athar said that the FC and Pakistan Army have been mandated by the government to restore the writ of the government and “we will make every effort to achieve the target.”

He said that militants who call themselves “Taliban” were given ample time by the government after implementation of their demands and exercised all political means to avoid any extreme option. “Launching of anti‑militant operation was opted as a last option to restore writ of the government as the militants in the area had hostaged a large number of peace‑loving people,” he said.

He said in line to avoid collateral damage, the troops are being dropped to surround the militants. He said this new strategy has been adopted in line to save the lives of the civilians who are being used as human shield by the militants.

Giving latest update, he said that up till now the area of Daggar has been evacuated from the clutches of militants and the District Coordination Officer has been air lifted to sit in his office. The communication link between the local police and FC troops has been restored.

He said that the troops are facing high level of resistance in Ambala area which mostly comprised over mountains and hilly terrain.

Director General ISPR Major General Athar Abbas said the areas including Sultan Wala, Nawagai and Pir Baba Ziarat are still in the control of militants.

He urged the media to avoid operating in the area and not to release any footage which may harm the cause of the operation. He said “We are operating in the area where the situation is highly volatile and any carelessness could cause collateral damage to the civilians or the forces operating in the area.”

He expressed sympathies on the incident whereby a reporter of Aljazeera TV came under cross fire and received wounds. His two other colleagues survived and are being evacuated from the area to maintain their security and safety, he added.

He said that a reporter of a newspaper was released after issuing a warning that he had revealed highly sensitive information through his news report which ultimately provided an opportunity to the militants to make hostage to 70 personnel.

Divulgence of any such report which may jeopardise or endanger the lives should be avoided at all costs, he added.

During the briefing the tapes carrying statements of two youth who fell victims to the alluring statements of the militants and were being prepared to commit suicide attacks were also run. They both were arrested from the same place but hailing from different areas.

He said that both are being investigated and further details would be available in the due course.

Answering a question, he said that the militants are getting arms, ammunition and other assistance through Afghan border. He said around 60,000 troops are deployed there but the whole length of the border mostly comprising hilly terrain cannot be sealed off completely.

To another question, he said the agreement of government with Taliban in Swat is still intact and expressed the hope that things may improve after the installation of “Darul Qaza”.

The official of Interior Ministry added that the militants have yet not surrendered as was agreed upon earlier.

When his attention was drawn towards allegations of “double game” he said that the damages caused to the Security Forces of the country speak louder themselves. Such allegations are baseless and unfounded and had this true our security forces would have not inflicted damages of such a level.

He dispelled the impression that there was some lack of coordination among different government organizations operating in the area, he said all the departments and organizations are working in full coordination to carry out anti‑militant operation.

On the subject of using FM Radio by Fazal Ullah in the area, he said that the transmission of higher frequency station has been jammed while efforts are in hand to jam the transmission of low frequency channel.

He said the government is in full control of the situation.


Anonymous said...

Don't you think the Taliban would regroup again?

Captain03 said...

they have no chance now, the only reason the army came in is because the people of the region insisted and if the army has the people's support than who are the taliban going to hide with?

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