April 27, 2009

Security Forces Pull Out A Victory In Dir

No words today, too proud of my nation's Armed Forces to put it in words. =]
DIR: Security forces killed at least 46 militants in a ground and air operation against Taliban in the troubled Lower Dir on Monday, the military said.

After a stiff encounter with the militants, the security forces have regained the control of Lal Qila and flushed out the militants from Maidan valley, district Lower Dir.

According to security sources, reportedly 46 militants were killed in last two days operation including their important commanders Maulana Shahid and Qari Quraish. The operation has been code named as "Toar Tander-I"

Before start of this operation by security forces, District Lower Dir was in a state of lawlessness. Militants were constantly attacking the security forces and government official and had closed the roads for movement of government and FC convoys.

The militants were involved in the killing of DPO Dir along with other policemen, ex District Nazim Alam Zeb and killing of 11 kids with toy bomb.

They were also abducting law abiding citizens at will and asking for huge ransom to their advantage.

In this backdrop, on the request of provincial government and people of Dir Frontier Corps NWFP launched operation Toar Trander-I on April 26.

On the first day of the operation three major encounters were carried out by FC with militants between Islamdarah and lal Qila. The final encounter was at Lal Qila and surrounding areas in which Maulana Shahid and his associates were engaged and overcome.

The militants used heavy weapons including mortars, snipers and PRG-7. Security forces were supported by Armour, Artillery and Aviation.Troops of the Frontier Corps fought with courage and caused immense damage to the militants. On April 27 search and cordon operation were conducted in Maidan Valley.
Source: Geo News


Asma Ahsan said...

Assalam o alaikum.

The security issues in Pakistan need to be resolved as soon as possible. The army always makes us proud when it comes to national security. May Allah always bless Pakistan and keep it safe from external harm. Ameen.

Captain03 said...

wa alaikum asalam
and i totally agree with you brother =]

Asma Ahsan said...

er - sister. Asma is a woman's name. :P

Captain03 said...

oh im sorry i went with the name ahsan as some people put their last names first
once again i'm really srry... sister =]

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