January 10, 2010

Pakistan Promotes Islam

Pakistani hospitality is never questioned. Whether you are a returning Pakistani from abroad or a Sikh pilgrim from India; locals will always treat you with more love and respect than you probably get back home. This also became the case recently when 9 boxers from Africa who came to compete in the Benazir Bhutto International Boxing tournament converted to Islam. They claim that they had no intention of converting to Islam at all before arriving in Pakistan but they were highly impressed by the way locals treated the boxers even though they were of a different religion (they were Christians). The thing that impressed them the most was that there is no discrimination in Islam. "Once you say Assalamo Alaykum, then you are accepted as a brother no matter what is the color of your skin, or what is your cast or creed" acknowledged Kalambaye, the Muslim coach of the Central African boxers. While speaking on behalf of the boxers who only speak their native language, Kalambaye also stated that the boxers did not covert to Islam on any pressure coming from him or anyone else, Instead they have chosen to covert to the religion of peace on their own will. "When we reached here, they saw how I was received and welcomed wherever I went and whoever I met by the local Muslims. Nobody cared about my black skin. I was greeted with warm hearts by the organizers or anybody who met me because of my faith. They saw that even being Christians they were received with same respect. They were garlanded when they reached the Karachi airport. That’s why they want to join that religion which teaches such affection for human kind". Younus Pathan, who was appointed to receive the Central Africans at the airport, said that since they were short on garlands, the visitors were garlanded after he asked some of the pilgrims returning from Saudi Arabia (who were his relatives) to provide their garlands to welcome the guests. "Maybe it was the blessings of those garlands of the pilgrims" states proud Younus. It may also be noteworthy to put out there that before the boxers came to Pakistan, they felt uneasy to come to the nation as they had negative images in their minds about Pakistan and its society. Aren't we glad that changed lol. At this time and day when the western world neglects Islam, it's quite interesting to see 9 Christian boxers converting to Islam because of us Pakistanis. Keep it up Pakistan!
Pakistan Zindabad!!


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