March 20, 2009

Pakistan And The War On Terror

This is one complicated topic. To truly understand War On Terror [WOT] you have to look back in Afghani history.

The Start Of The War And It's Origin
When Afghanistan was being taken over by the Soviet forces, the Pakistani ISI and the American CIA got involved in the war to defeat the Soviets from succeeding. They trained groups like the Afghani Mujhadeen and Taliban so they can stop the Soviets and stabilize the country. Among those men being trained was Osama Bin Laden. The war caused much damage to Afghanistan as over 1 million Afghanis were killed, 5 million Afghanis fled to Pakistan and Iran, Another 2 million Afghans were displaced within the country. In the 1980s, one out of two refugees in the world was an Afghan. After the soviets were defeated, the U.S. left and Afghanistan was left with a civil war in it's hand [between the Afghani government and the Taliban] in which the Taliban took over Afghanistan. On September 11, 2001, the U.S. was attacked on it's own soil. The person behind the attacks was said to Osama Bin Laden who had differences with the U.S. and Saudi government because following the Soviet Union's withdrawal from Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden returned to Saudi Arabia. The Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 had put the country of Saudi Arabia and its ruling House of Saud at risk as Saudi's most valuable oil fields (Hama) were within easy striking distance of Iraqi forces in Kuwait, and Saddam's call to pan-Arab/Islamism could potentially rally internal dissent. In the face of a seemingly massive Iraqi military presence, Saudi Arabia's own forces were well armed but far outnumbered. Bin Laden offered the services of his Mujhadeen to King Fahd to protect Saudi Arabia from the Iraqi army. The Saudi monarch refused bin Laden's offer, opting instead to allow U.S. and allied forces to deploy on Saudi territory. The deployment angered Bin Laden, as he believed the presence of foreign troops in the "land of the two mosques" (Mecca and Medina) profaned sacred soil. After speaking publicly against the Saudi government for harboring American troops, he was quickly forced into exile to Sudan. On April 9, 1994 his Saudi citizenship was revoked. His family publicly disowned him. With the political conflict Afghanistan was trapped in the picture again as the U.S. claimed that Osama was residing in Afghanistan. The invasion took place and U.S. dragged Pakistan along stating that "If you don't help us then you will be blown back to the stone ages" [true statement admitted by then Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf].

The Horrors Of The Taliban
When Pakistan got involved in the war it started realizing the Taliban's horrible ways. Although the Taliban and Al-Qaeda claim to be Islamic groups they kill innocent people no matter what they're religion, race, age, or gender is. People to this day are being brainwashed to believe that they are fighting for the cause of their religion but are in fact being used for the political needs of their groups. Using Islam to meet your political needs is not only Haram [forbidden] but killing Muslims, women, children, the elderly, innocent people, and committing suicide are all unislamic but are daily practices of the Taliban. Also the money being made for such groups are made through the sales of drugs throughout the world [evidence backs it up]. The real Muhjadeen have not mostly distanced themselves with these groups but the younger generations have unfortunately grown into them. There have been evidence that supports India's involvement in Afghanistan and Tribal Areas of Pakistan to strengthen the Taliban and destabilize both countries.

Pakistan Fighting A Different War

Although going by the same name Pakistan is fighting a different war. Not following the U.S.'s flawed war Pakistan is using the war as a way to remove unislamic and dangerous groups such as the Taliban from its soil. It has been quite successful as the local tribes in Pakistan's tribal areas have been educated on the evils of the Taliban and are helping the Pakistani army defeat them. Pakistan is going through a revolution as well as every other muslim in the world.

Success Story And Unequal Treatment

Pakistan is the only country who is winning the WOT even though having world powers like the U.S. and Britain involved in the war. Pakistan have killed, arrested, destroyed and brought the most damage to the Taliban more than any other country. It even has the most victories [recently eliminated ALL the militants in the Bajaur Agency in Pakistan]. Even with such success Pakistan is being treated unequal by it's allies and is being told to do more than it is currently doing even though the Pakistani people are being affected badly by the war.


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