March 9, 2010

Our Destiny


With the killing and arrests of over a dozen taliban commanders, the taliban have become an extinct force in Pakistan. Just late last year, they rocked our nation with barbaric suicide attacks that ripped through our nation. They harmed our lives and made it impossible for us to live, the way we wanted to live, in our own country. But today they are on the run and have no land, no support, and barely any force or power left in them. What caused their downfall? Lets just say they messed with the wrong people. In a nation where we don't let political leaders complete their terms in office [Shaukat Aziz being the only exception as he is the only Prime Minister in Pakistani history to complete his term in office] just because we THINK they might not want the best for us, What makes you think we would let some bastards who kill our women and children and attack our masjids to even breathe on our land. We are the descendants of the ruling families of south asia who created and controlled some of the greatest empires this world has ever seen. We will not tolerate any evil or scumbags like the taliban. The taliban might think that the attack on the FIA [Federal Investigation Agency] building in Lahore would weaken our will but they are mistaken; because we are only getting stronger with each scar they give us. We have secured Swat, South Waziristan, Bajaur, and now the city they turned into hell; Peshawar. And we will not stop till every bit of our nation is cleansed from horrific disease. For more than 62 years, we have been searching for the truth, seeking excellence, and beating every threat that comes our way. What makes the taliban think that they, a bunch of misguided infidels, will come in the way of our true destiny. The destiny that Jinnah saw, the destiny that God has planned for us, the destiny that God himself will one day hand to us when we are deserving enough. But until that day comes, no one will be able to dismay us. And we will crush every evil that comes our way; whether it is from the east or the west, or in this case both...

[Image: © AFP Photos]


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